Governors Island Winter Village Ice Skating Rink

Firm Credit: Lynn Fritzlen Architect

The Trust was looking to expand its services and amenities as a result of the announcement that the Island would be open to be public year-round. Consequently, the Trust proposed installing a temporary ice skating rink in the grassy area between Liggett Hall and the structures of Colonels Row. It would be the centerpiece of the new Winter Village. LFA was tasked with producing a site plan for the rink and all associated structures and equipment.

Design Features
The form of the rink was angled relative to existing pedestrian paths to create visual interest and draw users to the Winter Village. The LFA team worked diligently with operations staff to ensure that the prefabricated rink and rental and skate tent locations optimized the user experience and created minimal excess circulation. In addition, LFA suggested several alternate seating and signage design options, although these were not able to be implemented due to schedule and budget constraints. Finally, LFA carefully sited the project to prevent damage to root structures of adjacent trees.

Sustainable Practices
The temporary structures have minimal impact: the rink, platform, tent, and equipment will be disassembled to allow the ground below to be used for stormwater detention and retention following the event season. The largely-open shelters for occupants result in minimal thermal conditioning of interior spaces. Given the project proximity to adjacent buildings, the rink is powered by local electrical service, thereby eliminating the fumes and carbon emissions of petroleum-fueled power generation.