Restaurant Renovation

Firm Credit : Lynn Fritzlen Architect


This restaurant renovation is located on the first floor of a five-story town house on 243 W 14 Street. This popular restaurant adapted their operation to the century old structure, but it lacked an accessible entrance for guests with disabilities. In 2017 they decided to move forward with a renovation. 

Design Features

The client wanted to minimize demolition and keep the comfortable inviting look of their storefront entrance. The entry steps are in the public right of way. After reviewing ramp and elevator options it was decided to utilize a compact mobile platform lift to carry wheelchair bound guests from the sidewalk to the entry level. In addition, the existing stair will be reconfigured to meet current ADA standards. This allowed the existing windows and doors to remain.

Sustainable Practices 

Minimizing demolition minimizes environmental impact. The new accessible entrance addresses the importance of creating a welcoming environment for all guests.

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