Enchanted House LEED Silver

Firm Credit: Fritzlen Pierce Architect


To minimize environmental impact, the 3-story house was conceived as a rebuild of an existing home, preserving site topography, retaining walls, mature landscaping and existing water courses. An ancillary open-air spa is embedded into the hillside above, between existing rock outcroppings.

Design Features

The house incorporates native fieldstone, reclaimed hundred-year-old exterior wood siding, and heavy hand-hewn timber beams; the stucco, stone and wood interior also uses primarily recycled materials. A central stair organizes the house and ties the street entry to an open living room on the uppermost floor.

Sustainable Practices

The super-insulated building envelope includes a steeply pitched R50 roof assembly, triple pane thermal windows, an optimized HVAC system with high-efficiency boilers and several Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs).

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