Strawberry Park Colorado

Firm Credit: Fritzlen Pierce Architects


A highly sustainable multi-family Alpine retreat in an exclusive neighborhood of the Beaver Creek ski area.

Design Features

The building itself minimizes site disturbance with a compact footprint that steps up a large and steeply sloped site in three levels. A series of retaining walls serve doubly as planters and minimize the visual and drainage impact of construction. The building is organized around a central stair tower with an uppermost clerestory that fills the interior with natural light. 

Sustainable Practices 

This is the first building in the region to utilize a geothermal heat pump in conjunction with a vertical loop field. Mechanical equipment and storage tanks are located in the basement of the structure, with supplemental heating and cooling available for peak loads. In addition, energy recovery ventilators and high efficiency equipment minimize the use of electricity. Site plantings are dominated by indigenous species that minimize water usage. Colorado stone clads the exterior and large steel-framed windows admit mountain views and optimize solar gain.

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