100 United Nations Plaza

Firm Credit : Lynn Fritzlen Architect

This project encompassed the combination of the Owner’s existing residence with the adjacent unit. The floor plan of the added unit was significantly altered to accommodate a new multi-use space for their growing family, in-home office and walk-in closet for the master bedroom. LFA worked with the existing architectural, structural and mechanical components to minimize demolition.
Design Features
The new multi-use space quickly converts from recreation room to playroom to bedroom. To convert from media room to entertaining, retractable cabinets hide a big screen TV. To convert from media room to sleeping, a pull-down bed appears for slumber parties and overnight guests. For movie watching comfy floor furniture converts the space into a media room. The existing kitchen was converted to a wet bar that serves the recreation room and communicates with the main apartment via a pass-through opening. The new layout optimizes usable storage space with custom built-in cabinetry that keeps the area tidy.
Sustainable Practices
A flexible space that transitions easily allows for a growing family to stay in their current location instead of moving. Demolition was minimized by respecting the existing structural and mechanical systems and where feasible, the existing doors and equipment were salvaged and re-used. The new cabinetry boxes were fabricated from engineered wood and LED lighting was applied directly to the ceiling eliminating the need to demolish existing finishes.

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