Mountain Haus

Firm Credit: Fritzlen Pierce Architects


The Mountain Haus is located the center of Vail Colorado, is next to the iconic covered bridge. Originally built as a utilitarian mid-rise building in the late 1970s, intended as second home apartments, it matured into a resort destination due to its location and uninterrupted views of the ski mountain. From 1985 through 2000 Fritzlen Pierce Architects provided ongoing design services to the hotel condominium to improve its aesthetics, safety and functionality. Fritzlen Pierce also completed several design studies for the complete renovation of the envelope to improve its exterior aesthetics.

Design Features

Improvements to the amenities included a new spa, outdoor pools, refurbished lobby and hallways. Building envelope improvements included a complete roof replacement, window replacement and two new public entries. Life safety improvements included new code compliant sprinklers and alarms.

Sustainable Practices 

The building envelope thermal insulation values doubled with the replacement of roof and windows. New covered building entries included air-lock spaces to reduce infiltration of outside air and improve occupant comfort.

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