Firm Credit: Frizlen Pierce Architect


The project resides in one of five Bavarian styled building situated along Meadow Drive in Vail Colorado. The Alpenrose is a well-established restaurant known for its European pastries and charming interiors. In 2003 the owner decided to leverage existing development rights and add second-floor residential above the restaurant in conjunction with renovating the restaurant.

Design Features

The restaurant expanded its seating area and added an exterior deck along Meadow Drive to take in the view of those passing by. Safety and equipment up-grades to the existing kitchen were implemented. The intimate and very popular bar was expanded and the windows in the seating area were expanded to improve daylighting. An elevator was added to improve accessibility for both residents and restaurant patrons.

Sustainable Practices 

The overbuild of the existing building minimized demolition. New windows improved both daylighting and thermal insulation. The exterior deck added an opportunity to incorporate plantings at the entry of the building for aesthetics and shade.

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