Town of Vail Fire Station/ Municipal Center Redevelopment

Firm Credit : Fritzlen Pierce Architects


The objective of this project was to review the feasibility of constructing the Town of Vail’s Main Fire Station on the existing Town Municipal Center Site. Three options were generated with respect to the fire, Municipal, Community, and Police Departments needs. All three of these options involve a “drive through” Fire Station, underground parking, new Community Development facilities, and exterior upgrades of the existing Police and Municipal Building.

Design Features

The proposal would include demolishing existing Municipal Offices while keeping the Police Department intact. A more formal building was proposed with the inclusion of a 2 level underground parking structure and community rooms in the Municipal Center with access to large plaza that would serve as a public gathering area. Adjacent to the plaza that would be new community Development Offices. The Fire Station would be established on 2 levels, with four engine bays, offices, training facilities, and resident housing. The truck bays would be accessed by a one-way drive-through. There would be stair/ elevator access to the parking garage west of the station. There was an opportunity to provide for employee housing on the site.

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