FAR ROC Competition for a Resilient Community

Firm Credit :  Ronnette Riley Architect

The proposal divides the site into three distinct parts: commercial, residential, and a beach area anchoring a wildlife refuge. The low-density high-rise community calls for housing, circulation and public plazas to be raised above the floodplain. Undulating streets deter storm surges and flooding while adding interest to the structure of the community. The wildlife refuge was conceived to provide nesting grounds for the endangered Piping Plover. Master Plan of a Publicly owned parcel for affordable housing, program included a wildlife sanctuary and a public beach access.
Design Features
Raised housing with undulating streets to mitigate tidal surge and protect habitable areas. An aviary is integrated into the retail and public area to celebrate the protected species and fragile environment.
Sustainable Features
Wildlife and natural habitat protection, livable areas are located above the Design Flood Elevation. Buffer zones for tidal waters in times of flooding.

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