Kitchen Renovation

Firm Credit: Lynn Fritzlen Architect


A family with two young children renovated this two-bedroom apartment in an established coop in Riverdale. Equipment and finishes dated back to the original when the building was constructed in the 50s. The renovation encompassed a new kitchen, study nook and laundry area. Walls and floors were refinished. The limited budget required minimal demolition and reconfiguration.

Design Features

The design carves out new spaces without structural changes or relocating existing plumbing or HVAC. LFA developed the design based on a customized furniture plan with a dedicated TV watching/sitting area and a playroom next to the exterior wall and deck door. The kitchen and island are open to the living room but the desk alcove on the hallway is semi-private. Wall colors were selected to match the mood of the rooms. Yellow for children’s room, warm burnished grey for living areas and a relaxing sea foam green for the master.

Sustainable Practices

Demolition was minimized by avoiding structural modifications. Surfaces were refinished in lieu of replacement. Wood floors were stained and resealed, tubs and tile re-glazed, and operational kitchen appliances were re-used. New appliances are energy star certified.

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