Bowtie Building

Firm Credit :  Ronnette Riley Architect


The Bowtie Building located in the center of Times Square dates to the early 1900s. When long time tenant Toys R Us announced they were leaving, it opened an opportunity to reconfigure the retail space and meet the changing character of Time Square. The space reprogramming and building envelope redo presented a unique design opportunity. 

Design Features

The feasibility study started with a thorough investigation of existing conditions and the preparation of an as-built set. It was decided to avoid modifications of the existing concrete and masonry structure. The design team created a layout that worked around chases and columns to create ground floor retail stores with ancillary spaces on the floor above. The exterior masonry façade was proposed to be removed and replaced with continuous glass and large-scale LED monitors consistent with adopted Times Square Design Guidelines.

Sustainable Practices

The proposal minimized demolition by committing to preserving existing structure. The new building envelope was contemplated to meet high-level energy conservation standards with super insulating glazing that minimized solar gain. The decades old boiler and in window air conditioners would be replaced with a low energy consumption VRF system for heating and cooling.

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