Kiva Lodge

Firm Credit: Fritzlen Pierce Architect


Kiva is one of Beaver Creek’s oldest and most successful condominium hotels in the Beaver Creek ski area. The hotel exudes a calm, private ambiance, not unlike the iconic Southwest Native American building form that inspired its name. After several decades of owner and guest use, the hallways and lobby were scheduled to be renovated. Additionally, ADA and life safety improvements were incorporated in the program.

Design Features

The retreat is comprised of custom designed tents, decks and standard trailers. The seasonal facility welcomes both island day visitors and overnight guests. The program elements include: Three Peaks Lodge and Bar, a “Great Lawn” for public and private events, back of house area for operations and two tent “villages” for 39 tents.

Sustainable Practices 

The sustainable design features incorporated are minimal site disturbance, and water/energy conservation. The temporary structures leave a light touch on the land. Spring and fall, the retreat will be constructed and deconstructed. Structures are supported by on-grade concrete pads eliminating the need for excavation. Indigenous xeriscape landscaping requires no irrigation once plants are established. Site lighting uses photovoltaics and most tents are powered by solar powered battery packs.

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