Eagle County Health Services District Headquarters and Ambulance Facility

Firm Credit : Fritzlen Pierce Architects

The headquarters is a 15,000 sf building serving multiple public needs, including and emergency care/ambulance facility, living quarters for on-call personnel, radio dispatch, administrative offices, training classroom for EMTs and also for community use (including a stage for performances. A separate building on the property houses emergency rescue vehicles for a volunteer organization, “Mountain Rescue”.
Design Features
The site-driven building, located in a low-lying area surrounded by low-density development capitalizes on two public rights of way for access, providing ambulances with drive-through garage bays to eliminate turn around and associated paving; site disturbance is minimized. A storm drainage detention system also protects the land by storing excess water in sub-surface pipes for slow release after a storm event.
Sustainable Practices
The buildings super-insulated envelope includes a polyiso roof overlay system, innovative in 2004, which provides a continuous thermal blanket and a 4’ overhang to safely shed snow. The facility serves multiple public interests and effectively conserves community resources by optimizing the building’s use.

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