Suny Purchase Music and Performing Arts Building Mechanical Systems Review and Analysis

Firm Credit: Lizardos Engineering

This project was triggered by aging building infrastructure and
a desire to improve occupant comfort and energy efficiency. The Music Building and PAC study is a response to the humidity problem that is negatively affecting fixtures and equipment in the building. Four options were presented that ranged from remedial to a full Deep Energy Retrofit. LFA conducted interviews with staff, provided photo documentation, reviewed existing documentation for R values of existing thermal envelope, proposed revisions to exterior walls, and created report narrative and preliminary cost analysis.

Design Features
LFA provided recommendations for finishes and lighting that would have to be removed and replaced as part of the HVAC upgrades. Conceptual cost estimates for new finishes were provided as part of the report. For the deep energy retrofit option LFA provided conceptual design for exterior walls to improve insulation value and reduce moisture migration through the exterior.

Sustainable Practices
Bringing aging building systems into compliance with current regulatory
standards and institutional goals are good for users and the environment.
Energy conserving strategies for these projects include new HVAC systems,
integrated building controls, operation optimization of existing systems, LED
lighting and increased insulation and vapor barriers for the building envelope.