Thomas Jefferson High School Science Lab Upgrades

Firm Credit: Emtec Consulting Engineers

Thomas Jefferson Highschool is located in the eastern part of Brooklyn, NY. Established in 1922, the school’s infrastructure has held up and its classical architectural features maintained. Approximately 229,000 square feet and five stories high, the school has a variety of program. Lynn Fritzlen Architect worked on upgrading an existing science lab withing the high school, that was being used as an art studio, in order to be able to use it as a science lab once again.

Design Features
The proposed spaces were to be renovated and updated per current science lab planning and educational standards for science labs. As part of the renovation a new Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (FF&E) package of furnishings, equipment, and cabinetry would be installed in Science Lab Room and adjacent Storage Room to meet current SCA standards.

Sustainable Practices
Bringing aging building systems into compliance with current regulatory standards and institutional goals is good for users and the environment. Energy conserving strategies for these projects include new HVAC systems, integrated building controls, operation optimization of existing systems, LED lighting and increased insulation and vapor barriers for the building envelope.