Harlem Town House

Firm Credit : Lynn Fritzlen Architect

This townhouse is a classic five-story townhome located in East Harlem built in the early 1900s. The plans consist of a cellar, basement, parlor level and two upper floors. The proposed design will turn the now 4 unit multi-family complex into a two unit building. The main design goals are to capture additional outdoor space and create in-door/ outdoor space with balconies and a sliding glass wall that opens to the back-yard garden at the basement level. The second goal is to keep as many of the original details as possible, including refinishing wood elements and reusing original cast iron fixtures.
Design Features
The design includes replacing all the existing windows with new energy conserving windows that match the character and charm of the existing wood windows from the 1930s. Balconies will be added at three levels to overlook the back garden. A new HVAC system will be added and the sprinkler, electrical and plumbing will be upgraded. The circulation of the cellar, basement and parlor floor will be drastically altered to create a truly separated two-family town home.
Sustainable Practices
Where feasible, existing doors, finishes, fixtures and equipment will be refinished, re-used or salvaged to create a space that is updated in the most modern ways while also respecting the decorative past
architectural style. The new HVAC system and all new plumbing and electrical fixtures will be high efficiency. Demolition will be minimized on three of the five floors and structural and mechanical will remain in tact on the upper floors.